Saturday, 29 September 2012

Exploring Patterning

Identifying, Extending & Creating Patterns

This month, our class has been exploring patterning. Have a look at some of the ways students have been identifying, extending and creating their own patterns. 

Investigating Patterning with Paint

We were pleased to see some of the children using the materials at the art center to create colour patterns. A few of the children decided to create ABC patterns.

J. created an ABC colour pattern using the cork stamper.

J: I made a pattern.

Ms. Nitsotolis: What is your pattern?

J: Red, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue Yellow. 

E. used the paper towel roll to create his pattern.

Ms. P: What kind of pattern did you create Eric?

E: I made a yellow, blue, red patterns.

Ms. P: What is another name for your pattern?

E: ABC pattern. 

S. also use the cork stamper to create an ABC Pattern.

S: I made a pattern?

Ms. P: What kind of pattern did you make?

S: ABC, yellow, red, blue. 

Patterning at Hands on Thinking

Ms. P: I see you have created a pattern. What is your pattern?

M: Green, blue, green, blue

Ms. P: I love it! I wonder if there is another name for your pattern?


Ms. P: It is! do you think we can label it?

M. labels all the green squares A and all the blue squares B.

M's pattern                                          I's pattern

After returning from computers with Ms. Piteo, I was excited that he had created a pattern on Kid Pix.

I: Look Ms. P it’s a pattern. Blue, orange, blue orange.

Ms. P: I really like your AB pattern. I wonder if we can label it.

I:  I don’t know how.

Ms. P: I will teach you, an A is two long sticks with a short stick. B is a long stick with a loop at the top and a loop at the bottom.

I. successfully labels all the Blue A and all the Orange B.

T. using materials found at the art center to create an AB pattern. 

B. creates an AB pattern at the Hands on Thinking center. 

Exploring Patterning at Light

M. created an AB pattern and an ABC pattern.            

M: I used white and the green dots and I made a pattern. White, Green.

Ms. P: What is another name for your pattern?


Ms. P: What other kind of pattern did you create?

M: I made a Blue, White, Light Blue pattern, it’s ABC.

C's AB and ABC pattern.

Creating and Identifying

Non-Linear Patterns                       

M: Ms. P come and see my sun!

Ms. P: That is beautiful M. tell me about it.

M: I made a sun and it is also a pattern that goes round and round. See blue then white, blue, white and I used this jewel for the middle of the sun. The light is shining like the sun. 

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