Sunday, 30 September 2012

Self Portraits

The Importance of Looking at Ourselves

The Hundred Languages of Children (from the exhibition catalogue)

"A child's most sought after goal is to recognize him or herself." Loris Malaguzzi from the Hundred Languages of Children

Beginning Self Portraits

We began learning about self portraits. I drew a picture of myself using a circle for a head, two small circles for eyes, a straight line for a nose and a curved line for a mouth. I asked the children if this sketch looked like me. Their response was a clear, “No!” We talked about our facial features and the realistic shapes of these features. I modelled for students using a mirror how to sketch a self-portrait that is realistic. We emphasized that it is important to draw what you see. 

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

J.N: My mouth.
A.R: Eyes, brown.
A: My nose like a triangle.
I.G: My eyes.
C.L: My eyelashes.
S.T: Eyebrows.

We will continue to post as the children explore facial features and self portraits. 


  1. Thanks Ms. P. for this great way to inform us of what is happening at school. I really enjoyed this, especially the simple and honest answers of children to the question.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed this! We recently finished self-portraits using water colour mixing, I will try to post these soon for you to see. The children did such a great job!