Thursday, 25 October 2012

Co-Constructing a Graph

Following our apple sort, the children tasted each type of apple. 

Tasting Apples

E.L: The green apple is sour.

A.C: Me like the red apple it’s so juicy.

R: Yum!

Writing numbers

0 – 20

We counted the number of students we had in our class before we labeled the numbers on our graph.

“We have 20 students here today.” S.

Labeling our Graph

Organizing data in graphs:

The skills and concepts that students develop through experiences in sorting objects help them understand how date can be organized in graphs. Children learn that data, like objects, can be sorted into groups and categories. 

Graphing Data

What apple did you like the most?

A.L: Most people like the red apple, medium people like the yellow apple and the least people like the green apple.

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