Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Being Curious & Predicting about Predictions

As Children progress through the Full-Day Early 
Learning-Kindergarten program, they make predictions regarding an unfamiliar text that is read by and with the EL-K team, using prior experience, knowledge of familiar texts, and general knowledge of the world around them.
 (The Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program p.83)  

We began predicting by predicting what the word “prediction” means.

What is a prediction?

C.Z: You spell something and think about it and 
you are thinking something.
A.L: You don’t know and you need to guess and 
the teacher will tell you.
B.Y: You do something.
T.K: You guess something.
E.L: You have to think.

We continued to have a conversation about the word prediction. We discussed that when we predict we use our schema (information we already hold in our brains) and how we can use our schema to think about what we already know to help us make a thoughtful guess.

Wondering about Gourds

The children had been observing different gourds at 
the discovery center. While the children had made clear observations about the outside of the gourd, we were still unaware of what we would find on the inside of the gourd. 

What do you predict is inside the gourd?

S: Pumpkin food
L.C: Bugs
T.K: It’s going to have seeds and red worms.
S.T: seeds
Ms. P: Why do you predict we will find seeds?
S.T: because pumpkins have seeds

Using Schema

Ms. P: S.T. is using his schema to help make a 
prediction. He learned that pumpkins have seeds 
inside and since a gourd is like a pumpkin there may 
be seeds inside a gourd as well.

Being Curious

Ms. Nitsotolis: I am curious about what’s inside.
Ms. P: What does it mean to be curious?
A.L: When you don’t know something and you find out.
T.K: Something you don’t know and soon you’ll find out. 

Checking our Predictions

Children make predictions and observations, before, during and after investigations.
(The Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program, p.118)

I Wonder...

“I wonder if we can eat 
the seeds? “– T.K. 

“I wonder why the seeds
are orange?”- Juliet

Making Predictions

To extend the children’s understanding of the concept, 
“prediction” we explored making predictions in mathematics. The children made predictions about the height of our pumpkin.

Observing and Investigating Pumpkins

We will continue to explore the concept of curiosity in small groups at the Discovery Centre.  

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