Saturday, 24 November 2012

Building a Multicultural Alphabet

The children worked very hard to create an alphabet 
out of the materials they brought into our classroom 
for our Beautiful Stuff Project. This has inspired a new project! We would like to celebrate all cultures in our classroom by creating and displaying alphabets made up of letters from the languages that the children in our class speak.

Our aim is to represent all of the cultures of our 
students by inviting children to share the alphabets of their first languages.

Exploring Multiple Alphabets

Through this exploration of alphabets from different 
parts of the world, the children are beginning to explore concepts of community, appreciation, self-identity, self-worth and peace. This project has also added a new dimension to our understanding of the concept of “beauty”.

When children share parts of their culture what affect 
does this have on community building within the classroom environment?

What questions do the children have about each 
other’s languages and cultures?

How do children feel about speaking multiple languages?

Sparking Discussion

The sharing of the multicultural alphabet provoked a 
discussion about similarities and differences between cultures.

We asked the children to discuss their feelings on speaking multiple languages:

T.K: I love C. because she speaks 
a different language and I think it’s beautiful. 

Painting a Mandala

A Mandala of Letters from 

All Around the World

A Powerful Message

During our discussion, the idea that speaking multiple languages is “beautiful” emerged. The children came up with a powerful message.

“My language is beautiful, so is yours.”   - T.K.

A special thank you to parents and grandparents for helping us with our project by writing out alphabets, printing out online versions of alphabets, and writing out names in different languages.

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