Saturday, 24 November 2012

Creating Counting Tiles


Competent counting requires mastery of a symbolic system, facility with a complicated set of procedures that require pointing at objects and designating them with symbols, and understanding that some aspects of counting are merely conventional, while others lie at the heart of its mathematical usefulness.                                                     (Kilpatrick, Swafford, & Findell, p.159)

Many of the mathematical concepts that students learn 
in the first few years of school are closely tied to counting.

Curriculum Expectation:

NS1 demonstrate an understanding of numbers, using 
concrete materials to explore and investigate counting, quantity, and number relationships.

Our Hands on Thinking Center now includes manipulatives to support the children in developing number sense and numeration skills such as counting, quantity and representing numbers.  

Representing Numbers

To support the children in developing counting, quantity, and number representation skills, we co-constructed number tiles.

Counting Tiles

The children began by taking turns labelling tiles from 1 to 10. 

Representing the Numbers

The children then took turns representing the numbers 
using a variety of different materials.

While the children counted out beads, buttons, 
marbles, etc. we emphasized the concept of one-to-one correspondence and using our fingers to touch each object as we counted.

Displaying the Numbers



The number tiles are now displayed at our Hands on Thinking center for the children to refer to during play. 

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