Monday, 19 November 2012

The Concept of Peace

The concept of peace is an ongoing discussion in our classroom. Some of the questions we have been exploring around peace include:

What is peace?

Why is peace important?

How can I create a peaceful classroom?

How can I help create a peaceful community? 

While our discussions around these questions are 
ongoing, the preparation for our school’s Remembrance Day assembly seemed to generate many interesting conversations around the concept of peace. I was amazed at the critical thinking and questioning the kindergarten students in our class displayed. Questions about soldiers and whether or not they are “good” or “bad” emerged, as well as questions around what is our role in creating peace around us (at home, at school, and in our community).

Can you say Peace?

Our class read a story this week called, “Can you Say Peace?” by Karen Katz. The children enjoyed hearing the way boys and girls in other parts of the world say “peace” in their language.         
The children were eager to take turns saying the word peace in the different languages as our class has been discussing different languages and students have even been bringing in alphabets from the languages they speak at home.

We decided that the ways boys and girls say peace should be shared with others in our school. A small group of children decided that they wanted to take a closer look at the story and paint the word peace in different languages. 

Peace Shines Through

I used this as an opportunity to teach the children 
about paint resist techniques. I modeled by showing the children how to write with oil pastels and then to use watercolour paints over the oil pastels. The children were very excited to see the oil pastel shine through the watercolour paint. They then began working on their own peace signs while practicing this paint resisting technique. 

Patterns Around Peace

Once the peace cards had dried, the children created 
a border around the word, peace. They were challenged to use the beads to create a pattern.  

B.Y. and M.T creating an AB colour pattern out of beads. 

The children collaborated to create bead patterns. 

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