Saturday, 29 September 2012

Welcome to our Classroom

Reading and Listening

A cozy and inviting nook is just the place for children to foster a love and interest in books. 

Graphic Communication

Graphic communication provides an opportunity for communicating ideas, thoughts, and experiences by way of dialogue, writing, and graphic representation.    

Hands on Thinking

Due to student’s strong sensory orientation, they have to physically manipulate and explore in order to make meaning of mathematical concepts.

The Easel and Creation Station

Visual art is another form of communication.  Children show what they know, wonder, dream about, and are afraid of in their creations. The easel is a space to explore and experiment.


This is a space that urges children to ask scientific questions about the world around them.


The light center table invites children to experiment with light. The lights source shines underneath the children’s faces from below rather than above and creates a new relationship with light.

Sensory, Sand & Water

Rich sensory experiences are essential during the primary years, as children rely on these opportunities to make meaning and gather information. The touch and sound of these materials is powerful as children take risks to overcome challenges in their learning based-play.

Block center for building and construction

Student Documentation Wall 
Technology and Classroom Computer Space

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