Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Snow Investigation

Can we keep the snow in the 

classroom? - J.M.

After outdoor play, many of the children had brought snow into the classroom. While we have put snow in the water table for learning centers, we could not “keep” the snow. To provide the children with an authentic experience to see why we can’t keep snow in the classroom we performed a series of experiments.

We began by discussing the word hypothesis. Many of 
the children had heard of this word before on a popular television program they watch. S.M. shared her definition of hypothesis with the class.

The children then made hypotheses about what might 
cause the snow to melt. 

Testing our Hypotheses

C.Z.: if we put the snow near the window with sun 
the snow will melt.
T.K.: if we paint the snow it will melt.

A.L.: if we put the cover on the bottle it will melt.

M.Y.: if we put water on the snow it will turn black.

J.M.: if we put snow in the water it will melt.


Once the children had returned from gym, it was time 
to practice our observation skills.

Children's Reflections

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